HINTHUNT Paris, the very first Escape Game in France

The Room Escape phenomenon is no longer news in France. Whether you’re an expert with already dozens of adventures to your credit, or whether you’re waiting to take the leap, surely, you’re familiar with the concept!

HintHunt Paris was the very first Room Escape to open in France.  With our deep-rooted experience since 2013, we offer you a wide range of games. From the classic puzzle of James Murdock’s Office to the mesmerising Pirate’s Secret. Whether you want to play with family, friends or colleagues, in small or big groups, there is something for everyone.

Assemble your teams, from 3 to 45 people and join the adventure

James Murdock’s Office

Come and rescue your friend James Murdock, wrongly accused and imprisoned for a crime he did not commit.

Try this classic in the very first Room Escape in France!

The Zen Room

Look for a Japanese heirloom of incalculable value! It was stolen and you’re the only one capable of getting it back from the thief’s hiding place.

Enter an authentic Japanese apartment with a Zen atmosphere which will appeal to logically-minded people.

The submarine

Torpedo Mission
Avenge an allied submarine gone off the radar: arm the torpedos and clear the perimeter.

Deepdown Mission
The engine of your faithful submarine has let you down and you’re sinking in the deep sea: find the way to restart it manually to get back to the surface!

The Pirates’s Secret

Find pirate Henry Every’s famous sapphire by boarding his haunted ship!

Play in a breathtaking suite and activate unique mechanisms.


HintHunt can cater for all occasions!

We have 9 rooms giving a total capacity of 45 people playing simultaneously, split in team of 3 to 5 players.

You have the possibility to organise an event to your liking… so go ahead:

Bring your colleagues

Do you want to organise a unique event in your professional sphere ?

HintHunt goes above and beyond to support your project in Paris. Come and create the opportunity to develop communication and collaboration in your team while having fun. We can even offer to serve a buffet worthy of your most important events.

Bring your family or friends

A birthday coming up? A hen or stag night? Or are you just looking for a fun activity?

Playing at HintHunt Paris ensures having a good time with your loved ones. Whether you’re coming for a special occasion or not, you are welcome to take part in the adventure.


And many others…