Les trois créateurs de HintHunt avec Armand le premier gamemaster

HintHunt in France started with the story of three friends: David, Louis and Damien who discovered the concept during a weekend in London in June 2013. Inspired by the game concept, the three friends – now business partners –  immediately decided to bring it to France. That’s how they ended up meeting with the two people who managed the franchise in London: two Hungarians, Atti and Csaba.

That was the beginning of the adventure! Once everything was set up, the very first Room Escape in France opened in Paris: James Murdock’s office at 62 rue Beaubourg in December 2013.

And soon, the word spread and everyone was eager to try the adventure: as James Murdock’s associate was murdered and the detective was wrongly accused, how to find the real culprit and escape his office in less than 60 minutes? Soon, a second room opened: the Zen Room at 58 rue Beaubourg, where you try to retrieve a lost Japanese heirloom, and then a third one, the Submarine, at 58 quai des Archives. The latter is the first Room Escape in France that is playable twice, with two different missions available: the Torpedo and Deepdown missions.

Nowadays, the phenomenon is in full swing as many Room Escapes have opened in Paris and all over France. HintHunt remains a reference model in the field with now over 4 years of experience and a new challenge,  a new game. The Pirate’s Secret has been awaiting you since 1st June 2018. It offers a mesmerising, unique experience in a breathtaking setting, unrivalled in Europe.