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Room Escape Games are a popular activity worldwide and growing as a phenomenon. The principle is simple: You are locked in a room in a small group of 3 to 5 people and you have an hour to get out. In order to do so, you will need to work as a team, gathering clues and solving a series of riddles, puzzles and other enigmas so as to find a way out.

This is a perfect activity for an outing with friends, family or colleagues; a Room Escape helps you develop three essential detective skills: searching, thinking and communicating.

A Game Master will follow you along the adventure so as to ensure that you have the most pleasant experience possible.

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We offer 4 different games for a total of 9 rooms:


  • James Murdock’s Office (3 rooms)
  • Zen Room (3 rooms)
  • Submarine (2 rooms)
  • The Pirate’s Secret (1 room)

A Room Escape is a fun activity, perfect for an outing with family or friends. Thus, we welcome children from age 9, but until age 15, they are required to be accompanied by at least one adult per room in order to help with certain steps of the game. Among our games, the best suited for children are James Murdock’s Office and the Zen Room.

Our games exist in English as well, and our staff is more than happy to welcome you in English. In order to book your sessions in English, you can access the English version of our booking platform or send us an email detailing your preference at contact@hinthunt-paris.fr after booking.

How to prepare my team

Our rooms are designed to host teams ranging from 3 to 5 players. However, if you have more players, we are able to split you in different rooms or to have you all play the same scenario at the same time.

Do you want to come with more than 5 people and to be split in several rooms? No problem! Select several rooms in our booking platform and indicate how many players there will be in each room.

It is indeed possible to play with a team of 6, although we advise against it as it would not offer the best possible conditions to fully enjoy the game. The only two rooms with a capacity of 6 players are James Murdock’s Office and the Zen Room.

We recommend that your split your group in two 3 people teams, each in a different room. Note that two teams are able to play the same game at the same time, by playing in two separate but identical rooms, starting at the same time.

If you decide to play with a team of 6 in one room, you may book the room online for 5 players and pay for the 6th player upon arrival: €25 in peak-hour time, and €20 off-peak, either by check or in cash (please note that we do not have a card reader onsite).

You may play our games with only 2 players, however we advise against it as it makes the game significantly harder to win. If you feel up to the challenge, you may book a session for 3 players and face the challenge with your 2 player team. The Torpedo mission of the Submarine is probably the best-suited for this setup.

Do you wish to add a last-minute player although your booking has already been made? No worries, it’s possible as long as you remain within the 3 to 5 player limit for one room. To proceed, you may pay an extra €20 off-peak time, €25 peak-time in either cash or check upon arrival (please note that we do not have a card reader onsite).

Book my session

Our rates are variable and you may benefit from a discount depending on the time of booking and number of participants. You should expect the price to range between €22 and €32.

All bookings are done online through our booking platform. Should you have more questions, or should you wish to organise a tailor-made event, do not hesitate to shoot us an email at contact@hinthunt-paris.fr.

Do you wish to offer one of our adventures as a gift? No problem! Click on the Gift Voucher tab and fill in our form. The recipient of the gift voucher will have 6 months to use their gift voucher!

Given the live nature of a Room Escape game and according to our Terms and Conditions, it is unfortunately impossible to cancel or move your booking so as to not impact our organisation. You may however contact us at contact@hinthunt-paris.fr, and our team will do their best to come up with a compromise to suit everyone.

Breakdown of a session

Our various rooms are split between different venues:

Your booking includes a 2 hour timeslot which includes the briefing and debriefing as well as setting up the room for the next group. It is therefore required that you arrive at the scheduled time for the beginning of your session.

We reserve the right to adapt your playtime or to deny you entry in case of excessive lateness, according to our terms and conditions.

Here is an example of how a typical Hint Hunt session unfolds with the classic package:

6.00 p.m: Players’ arrival and briefing
6.15 p.m: Start of the adventure
7.15 p.m: End of the game, debriefing and photos
7.30 p.m: End of the session.

Just like our other rooms, our two submarine rooms are identical. You can choose between the Torpedo and the Deep Down mission. All you need to do is to inform your Game Master of your choice upon arrival.

More with HintHunt Paris

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Do you want to organise an event out of the ordinary for your work team? Look no further, welcome to HintHunt! Our team will go out of their way to find the specific package to best suit your needs. Go to our Team-Building page to find out more.

Do you want to add a cocktail reception to your Room Escape experience? Easy peasy! With our partner caterer: Vélo du Soir, we can organise a buffet tailored to your needs. Go to the Teambuilding Tab to check out our offers!

Unfortunately, our venues are not adapted to welcome a whole workshop. However, if you want to join Room Escape and workshop, you may contact Unicorners, a café/coworking space located across the street from James Murdock’s Office, at 67 rue Beaubourg, you’ll be sure to receive a warm welcome!

My safety guaranteed

The spirit of the game is to consider yourself effectively locked in our rooms. However, in reality, you are able to leave at any time by asking your Game master or by pressing the emergency button equipped in each room.

In order to provide you with the best experience possible, our Game Masters will follow your game through microphones and cameras inside the room. Rest assure that nothing is recorded. Given that the game relies on mystery, we ask you to return the favour and to avoid taking any photos or video while inside the room.

Pregnant women can safely participate at HintHunt. The game does not involve any physical exercise or frightening element.

Our rooms are designed so that a team of 3 to 5 players can move around freely. Claustrophobic players tend to play without encountering any trouble, however each room is equipped with an emergency button and should there be an issue during the game, our team is able to assist you immediately.